Flybrix: DIY Lego drone which makes you better at electronics

Flybrix Drone

Sure you can buy all the fancy drones out in the market these days, but where is the fun in that. It would be more exciting to build your own drone, and fly it high. Flybrix wants you to do with its Lego drone kit which can be assembled from scratch. The biggest advantage of making this drone is that you won’t have to bear the huge repair costs in case you break the drone. All it takes is around half-an-hour to assemble the Lego drone, and soar it in the sky. Moreover, it enhances your DIY abilities too, when it comes to electronics.

Flybrix is a DIY Lego drone which means that you can change its configuration as and when required. You can turn it into a quadcopter or an autonomous flyer with more rotors. The makers have kept it in mind to make the drone app compatible which means that you can fly it using your Android or iOS device. For a much easier (recommended) control you can fly the Lego drone using its radio controller.

If you are more of a geek, you can also install new Arduino kit or PCB’s to make your drone stand out.

Flybrix basic kit starts from $149 and you can go for the deluxe kit too which will set you back $40 more. It has a radio controller which makes it easy for starters.



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