Off the Grid jacket has enough pockets for all your gadgets, even your laptops!

SCOTTeVEST Off The Grid jacket

Having all the fancy gadgets like smartphone, tablets and sleek laptops is a common affair these days. Carrying them around is another predicament that we all face in a tech dominated world. Laptops are one solution to keep all your gizmos in one place, and also carry them around with ease. ScotteVest, however, wants to make that even more manageable with their line of clothing. Their latest innovation is a jacket that is carefully designed to accommodate all your daily use gadgets, even a laptop. Yes, you heard it right, you can fit your laptop in this jacket, and that too without any discomfort. They call it ‘Off the Grid’ jacket, and for good reason too.

The jacket has 29 pockets which include two pockets for a laptop. There are pockets for keeping your smartphone, phablet, tablet and RFID-enabled gadgets. To make it ultra-easy when it comes to accessibility, the jacket has Clear Touch pockets that let you operate your touchscreen device without even taking it out of the pocket. Also, the RFID blocking pocket keeps your credit cards and passports safe.

Since, you’ll be needing a battery bank to juice-up your gadgets, there is a pocket with space for internal wiring to charge them without a fuzz. Same is done for the earphones, so that wires don’t get tangled or hang out in the open.

SCOTTeVEST Off The Grid jacket

Key to their uniquely designed jacket is the weight management which ensures maximum comfort level. The stitching also makes sure that your gadgets don’t feel like a burden, rather they hang-on to your body frame with minimum discomfort.

Waterproof and stain-resistant Off the Grid jacket comes in both men’s and women’s version, but it has to be noted that the women’s version is not big enough to accommodate a laptop. You can get Off the Grid jacket for $215 right away.



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