Extremely cut-resistant zip tie-style OttoLock for your bike

OttoLock for bike

Bikes are prone to theft; cyclists realize the fact but move out with their bikes without an appropriate lock because most of the bike locks out there are either too bulky or difficult to use. Offering a lightweight and easy to use, secure solution, Otto DesignWorks has launched a Kickstarter campaign for OttoLock, a cut-resistant zip tie like lock for bikes and more. OttoLock measures 18mm wide and features multiple layers of high-temper stainless steel with highly durable plastic coating. A layer of Kevlar in the lock makes it too good for bolt cutters and other tools to breach through.

OttoLock for bike-2

According to Otto DesignWorks, the head of the OttoLock is made from impact resistant aluminum and has a three-digit combination lock. The lock is very simple to use, just coil it up and fix the two ends of the band to each other like you would on a zip tie (the band passes through the head and its grooves lock against each other to only open with the correct number combination).

Otto DesignWorks claims, the lock in extremely cut-resistant and thieves trying break it, would require to apply over 227 kg of direct force.

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The OttoLock weighs only 115g and will be available in 18, 30 and 60 inch lengths. The lock has been successfully funded on Kickstarter, if all goes well it should be available in February next year.

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