Turn your iPhone into a DSLR camera with Pictar

Miggo Pictar iPhone accessory_1

No matter how good the smartphone cameras get, you’ll never be able to get the feel of a real camera buttons. That is all set to change with the Miggo Pictar accessory for iPhone. This camera-like housing for your phone has a shutter release button, zoom ring, cold shoe mount, dials for tweaking the camera shooting settings and much more. The software of this accessory communicates with your iPhone to lend a camera like functionality which you can actually feel while taking photos.

Miggo Pictar has successfully completed the funding campaign on Kickstarter, and it is all set to be shipped in December. One of its cool feature is the physical button to take quick selfies. The accessory is electronically calibrated for maximum sensitivity output, just like in a traditional DSLR.

Miggo Pictar iPhone accessory

It is safe to stay that Pictar is purely meant for avid photographers who avoid taking photographs from their iPhone simply because it doesn’t feel anything like a DSLR. Also, the accessory explorers the full potential of iPhone’s ability to take pictures.

To enhance the capability further, the rig works perfectly well with external lens accessories like olloclip. For now you can try out Pictar which comes at a price tag of $120.

Miggo Pictar iPhone accessory_2



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