‘Heavy Metal’ 3D printed electric guitar is treat for the ears and eyes

Heavy Metal 3D printed electri guitar

We have seen all kinds of guitars which a musician would love to get their hands on, and now it’s time for another one. This time it is a 3D printed aluminum guitar which looks impressive, and it plays like any other high-end electric guitar. With all the rose and barbed wire shapes on the guitar it won’t seem out of place in a G’NR concert. Using additive manufacturing technique to make an electric guitar dubbed ‘Heavy Metal’ makes complete sense as one can get any desired look. This guitar is created by Xilloc, an expert in 3D printing who got a request from Olaf Diegel of OddGuitars to make the base for one.

Heavy Metal 3D printed electri guitar_1

Xilloc got to work on making this unibody guitar from aluminum material, and you can see the intricate details of the instrument really stand out from the rest. The main body of this guitar is styled in a diamond tread-plate Telecaster with barbed wires and roses embedded inside. The inner core is made from maple wood which gives it the customary guitar sound.

After that, it was on Olaf to turn this one off guitar body into a playable instrument. They did it successfully, and what you see and hear us sweet chin music coming out of this electric guitar.

It looks so cool, I’m sure all guitarists would want to lay their hands on this one for sure!

Via: 3Ders



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