Is Google Allo really better than WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger?

Google Allo

In the crowded world of messaging apps like WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Hike, Snapchat, etc., Google has also entered the list with its new messaging chat app, Allo for Android and iOS platforms. Google Allo is simple to use with a mobile number based login, rather than one linked to an email. The app can understand phrases in English and Hinglish (a combination of the Hindi and English language used in India). It is targeted towards a market like India where instant messaging apps are booming and will eventually grow bigger.

Today, the two most popular instant messaging apps are WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. So, the new entrant in instant messaging space must defeat these two giants to rule. So how does Allo stand out from the rest of the chat apps? Is it really better than WhatsApp or Facebook Messenger?

Let’s begin with the Allo’s new features:

1. Google Assistant

Google Allo-1

The search giant’s biggest play is Google Assistant that’s included in Allo as well. With Google Assistant, you can search people, places, food joints etc. through your messaging app. This feature is not included other apps like WhatsApp. However, Facebook is working to enable alerts for flight timings and bank notifications.

2. Smart Reply

Google Allo-2

Smart Reply analyzes your conversations and accordingly suggests reply texts. This feature is good for lazy bums, who don’t like to type much. Moreover, it can also analyze images and make a reply suggestion about them. The best part of the smart reply feature is that it gives suggestions in both English and Hinglish.

3. Whisper/Shout and Scribble on Photos

Google Allo-3

Whisper/Shout is a fun feature: you have to press and hold the send button to change the size of the text and emoticons using the slider. The app also has some great emoticons and fresh sticker sets out of the box. Plus, it gives users the ability to comment and scribble on photos and videos.

4. Incognito Mode

Google Allo-5

Google Allo has the advantage of the “Incognito Mode,”which would disable Google from storing any of your messages on its servers, in fact, reading them at all. The messages would even disappear from the recipient’s device after the specified time limit.

5. Send Free SMS

Google Allo-4

Another great feature of Allo is that it allows you to send free SMS to your contacts who don’t even have the Allo app installed. However, other messaging apps can only send texts to those who already have downloaded those particular apps on their smartphones.

Allo v/s WhatsApp

The messaging app has been receiving appraisals for its AI chatbot and the “smart reply” features. Even its Incognito Mode and free SMS service to text non-app users could put it ahead of WhatsApp. But the only thing where it lacks is in terms of security. WhatsApp Messenger’s biggest advantage is that it’s end-to-end encrypted by default, which doesn’t let third-party apps like WhatsApp or even Facebook to read your messages. But Allo’s Incognito Mode could help you avoid message storage. Furthermore, Allo has some new doodling and fun stickers, whereas Whatsapp also comes with some cool text formatting features, which most people don’t know.

Allo v/s Facebook Messenger

Google Allo also packs a lot of emojis and stickers that users can use to express themselves or add to conversations. You can even pull Google Assistant in the middle of a chat, asking it to look up restaurants close by, or movie timings for later in the evening. Plus, Allo has free SMS sending feature.

On the other hand, Facebook Messenger also has numerous fun stickers and GIFs. Facebook Messenger app already supports voice and video-calling feature. A user can also sync their mobile number with the app, and give it access to their SMS app as well. Although the Facebook Messenger doesn’t have end-to-end encryption (like WhatsApp), but it features a separate Secret Conversation mode which deletes the messages after some time.

Nonetheless, you can download Google Allo to give it a try, and check out the video below to have a quick look at the latest messaging app.

Via: VentureBeat


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