Snapchat Spectacles record your video snippets in a trendy way

SnapChat Spectacles

Snap Inc., formerly known as Snapchat is eyeing the future with its bold new pair of smart sunglasses dubbed ‘Spectacles’. The idea is to record video snippets which are saved to the Snapchat memories, and then share it with friends. You would say that they are somewhat similar to what other wearables aim to achieve, but Snap Inc. is keeping things simple. Their iteration is to make a pair of sunglasses that look cool, and record live action with the push of a button.

The glasses have a 115 degree field of view (FOV) which is reminiscent to what our eyes see. On the top left hand corner there is a button which triggers recording for 10 seconds, 20 seconds or 30 seconds depending on the taps you make. To make things easier for the user, the glasses have inwards indication lights which are triggered as soon as you start snapping. Lights on the outside of the frame alert other people when you are recording the action which gives them an indication to stay out of the frame. These lights also function as the battery indicator of these cool glasses.

Snapchat claims that you can get almost a day of use on full charge. And when your battery runs out, simply put the glasses inside the case which can charge them four times over on full juice. Alternatively, you can also charge them using the provided USB cable.

According to Snap Inc. CEO, Evan Spiegel, the glasses are more of a toy for fun, and to prevent people from being in your face with their cameras pointing at you.

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There are only going to be a limited number of Snapchat Spectacles on offer, and that will add to their popularity. They are going to be available in three color options: Black, Teal and Coral for a price tag of $130.
The glasses will work with both iOS and Android phones. All the recorded videos will be seamlessly transferred over WiFi on Android devices, and on WiFi and Bluetooth on iOS devices.

Via: Wired



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