Please don’t drill hole in your iPhone 7 for headphone jack!

iPhone 7 drilling headphone jack

Ever since the iPhone 7 was revealed much has been said about its missing 3.5mm headphone jack. Some like the new upgrade, while others are constantly making us all believe that it is a bad move by Apple. That said, Apple iPhone 7 is another gizmo which is popular in the blogosphere and video streaming platforms. Be it good or sarcastic criticism. Interestingly, a video is going viral which shows how you can drill a hole in your iPhone 7 to reveal a hidden 3.5 mm headphone jack!

The video by TecRax shows how drilling a hole on top of the iPhone (where you would otherwise have headphone jack) makes it work. Well, that is pure sarcasm as in the end when he plugs-in the headphones, the sound is actually coming out from the speakers. The Youtube user has a long history of smashing technology and making funny videos which are just for fun or to test a gadget’s endurance for extreme tests.

However, some people have fallen for the prank and actually drilled hole in their iPhone 7 which has resulted in irreparable damage. Some people have reported complete shutdown of the phone or misbehavior of the touchscreen and certain applications.

Well, sadly, this act of stupidity won’t be covered under warranty and means that you have destroyed your phone. So please, stop drilling hole in your phone!



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