Flip Dot Clock makes smart use of electromagnets to display time

Flip Dot Clock DIY

We have seen a plethora of clocks that look different and in some cases, they have completely unthought-of functionality. Maintaining our love for the coolest timepieces around, here we have the Flip Dot Clock by Kentaro Iizuka. The maker has done smart use of electromagnets and Arduino controller to create a matrix of flipping dots which display the current time accurately. One side of the dots is colored in neon green color and the other in black color.

Intelligent coordination between the Arduino and electromagnets does the job of showing either side to display current time. It is more like a dot matrix display sans any LED lights, and that is what makes this DIY project worth trying. The thing that makes this DIY interesting is its simplicity and the neat design which will bring alive any geek room.

Thankfully Kentaro has provided all the files and details on how to make this clock by yourself. So head straight over to the project webpage to learn more about the Flip Dot Clock.

Flip Dot Clock DIY_1



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