Fitbit Charge 2 is all that you wish in a fitness and health tracker

Fitbit Charge 2 Fitness Tracker

The fitness tracking market is loaded with all kind of devices that promise you the pinnacle of fitness tracking. Only a few are honestly useful, and Fitbit is one of them. For people who swear by the fitness tracker’s capability to track vital body functions there is some good news. The latest Fitbit Charge 2 fitness tracker is now available for purchase, and it is worth every penny. The fitness wristband comes with a smart display which shows all that you crave to see in a jiffy. To top it off, the fitness tracker looks better than ever and promises engaging fitness regimes to give it a personal touch.

Fitbit Charge 2 has a precision wrist-based heart rate tracking to keep you on the track for keeping an eye on health goals. A new personalized breathing rate reduces anxiety and stress to lower down blood pressure levels. This is done by tracking the heartbeat frequency to determine breathing rate.

Then there is the multi-sports mode which has more than 17 workout modes including yoga, running, jogging or weight lifting to help you achieve daily/monthly goals. All the data collected during these regimes can be seen in the detailed summary of the Fitbit app. Just like its predecessors, the fitness band does sleep tracking, and wakes you up in the most subtle way in the morning. Other than that, the wearable displays all your important notifications from your connected smartphone.

The tracker has a battery life good enough to last almost five days. Also compatibility with iOS, Android and Windows devices makes it the ideal choice for fitness conscious lot.

Charge 2 will come in Classic band in three colors: black, blue, plum or teal. In the coming months there are going to be another three color options: blush pink, brown and indigo which will come in Luxe premium leather make. They will cost added $29.95 and $69.95 respectively.

There is also going to be a Special Edition Series Charge 2 for $179.95 coming in December. It will come in rugged and refined matte-black gunmetal tracker with a beveled black Classic band, or a stylish 22-karat plated rose gold tracker with a quilted lavender Classic band.



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