How iPhone 7 can improve your mobile gaming experience

Apple iPhone 7

If you’ve read up on the iPhone 7, or if you watched Apple’s unveiling event, you probably noticed the headline features: water resistance, a significantly improved camera, a missing headphone jack, characteristically sleek design with invisible antennae and a few new color schemes. These will in all likelihood be the primary selling points for the new phone. But there are some smaller features and changes that could actually make this the best smartphone on the market for mobile gaming. Here are a few that come to mind instantly.

Nintendo Partnership

This doesn’t really fall under the category of “smaller” changes, given that it was one of the biggest headlines coming out of the unveiling event. As you may have heard, Apple has partnered with Nintendo to bring Super Mario to mobile gaming for the first time. Something a lot of gamers have been eagerly anticipating for years. The first title is Super Mario Run, an endless runner in which you control Mario and run through levels resembling beloved stages from the bigger franchise. The game will also include a multiplayer mode and allow players to create their own “Mushroom Kingdom” levels with coins they win through competition. This has little to do with gaming in general, of course, but it’s difficult to overstate how big a deal it is that Mario is coming to the iPhone 7. In a lot of gamers’ eyes, this gives Apple a decided advantage over the competition.

Improved Security

The iPhone 7 doesn’t have a ton of new security features, but some changes with the Taptic Engine and iOS 10’s new unlocking method essentially make it harder for just anyone to open up your phone, even if that someone somehow got your PIN code. This matters for gaming in part because more and more games involve paid features, but also because a lot of international iPhone users use their devices to participate in the active mobile casino market. In fact, mobile gambling is one of the fastest growing sectors of the gaming industry, and naturally requires strong security. With real money gaming, players’ video game habits are just that much more closely tied to their bank accounts.

Better Battery

There have actually been some early complaints about the iPhone 7’s battery, like it can’t make it through a day of heavy use. Unfortunately, that’s true for most smartphones, depending on how they’re used. Gamers are familiar with this problem because often it’s popular video games (looking at you, Pokémon Go) that drain battery the fastest. And in this regard, the iPhone 7 is pretty simple. It doesn’t totally fix the problem by any means, but its battery is, as rumors predicted, 14 percent bigger than that of the iPhone 6. That doesn’t necessarily mean it lasts 14 percent longer (certain iPhone 7 features demand more battery anyway), but it stands to reason that you can get a little bit more out of a full charge, which is great news for gamers.

Console Quality

It was made fairly casually, but one of the boldest claims at the iPhone 7 unveiling event was that the device supports console-level gaming. This is largely because of a gorgeous display and something called A10 fusion, which lets games operate at speeds that make them feel like console experiences. “Console quality” might not be a fair claim, but the general idea holds up. This phone can handle games on a higher level than arguably any other mobile phone on the market.

Altogether, these changes actually make for a decent upgrade for gamers. But let’s be real: all you really needed to see were the words “Super Mario!”



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