Nissan ProPILOT Chair(s) makes queueing a comforting experience

Nissan ProPilot Chair

Nissan has already shown what its iteration of semi-autonomous cars is going to be like, along with other players who have shown-off their self-driving cars. Now the Japanese manufacturer wants you to experience automated propulsion in autonomous chairs. Yes, you heard it right, the automotive giant wants your wait in the queues of hospital to be a more comfortable experience. Nissan ProPILOT Chair lends its technology from the company’s self-driving car tech for single lane driving.

The chair propels itself ahead while keeping a watch on the adjacent ProPILOT chairs using its camera and motion detectors. Then the electrical motors set into action and move the chair in desired direction. In this demonstration, the chairs move one by one maintaining the original positioning of the chairs for the person’s convenience. When the person gets up from the chair, the chair returns to the end of the queue, and this process keeps on repeating.

Idea for creating this chair is to make it easier for elderly people to wait in queues. Not only that, the chair can be used in restaurants for waiting in queues and being ferried to the booked table without even moving a muscle.

For now Nissan is planning to show-off 6 of these chairs at the Nissan global HQ which will be open to public till 2nd October, 2016. They are also accepting applications till 27 December, 2016 from restaurants in Japan who want to install these chairs at their place.

Source: NissanNews Via: TechCrunch



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