McLaren P1 electric supercar for customers under the age of six


McLaren’s P1 hybrid hypercar has made it around the Nurburgring in mere 7 minutes, and now the British supercar manufacturer is bringing its all-electric version. But there’s a catch, the battery-powered P1 electric supercar is only targeted at younger customers, with a recommended age group between three and six.

Boasting the McLaren badge, the single-seater EV comes with open-top, central driving position and butterfly doors, while interior accouterments consist of washable plastic. The electric toy car also includes McLaren’s distinguishing feature i.e. zero to maximum speed in just two seconds. Its three-speed transmission with reverse gear allows the young riders to hit its top speed of 5 km/h in two seconds.


The electric car can easily get started with a one-button stop/start function, which automatically activates the lights and air-conditioning unit. Furthermore, the supercar also incorporates MP3 player and audio system that comes pre-programmed with popular nursery rhymes.

Although McLaren offers many color options for its powerful vehicles, but this small electric car for kids will be sold in only one color – Volcano Yellow. This officially licensed car will be available at selected McLaren dealerships from October 2016, for the price tag of £375 (approx. US $486).

Sounds electrifying! Keep an eye on the company’s official website for the exact sales dates.


McLaren P1 Electric Supercar comes in only one color: Volcano Yellow


It includes McLaren’s distinguishing feature: zero to maximum speed in just two seconds


All-electric P1 toy car for kids

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