Alphabet’s health tracking smartwatch has round e-ink display

Google X health tracking wristband revealed in 2015.

Google X health tracking wristband revealed in 2015.

Back in 2015, Bloomberg first reported that Google’s (now Alphabet) forward looking life sciences lab, Google X had created a health tracking wristband, which could track heart rate, pulse, skin temperature, noise and light exposure. On his recent visit to the Mountain View-based Verily (formerly Google X), Antonio Regalado of MIT Technology Review managed a peek at the prototype of what could be Alphabet’s second generation health tracking watch.

According to Brian Otis, Chief Technical Officer at Verily, the watch is called Cardiac and Activity Monitor and it features a brass-colored analog casing. The round shaped device features round e-ink display and it is loaded with sensors.

The outer ring of the watch features an electrocardiogram, motion detector and a heart rate monitor. On the underside, there are four raised metal pads that stick tightly to the skin. What each one of does is unknown, since Otis remained tight lipped on the features and specifications of the prototype watch.

The watch appears to have a button-less display. According to Otis, this is because the watch is not a consumer gadget, it is designed to be used for research projects such as Baseline Study – project directed at mapping health of a human body through blood and sensory data.

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