Land Rover’s 2017 Discovery, always-connected family SUV for drives beyond the road


Land Rover unveiled new-generation Discovery at Paris Motor Show along with a 13-metre high LEGO version of London’s Tower Bridge (the bricked landmark is the largest LEGO structure ever built – it is made from 5,805,846 bricks). The new Discovery is billed as an always connected family vehicle with high-points including 4G internet connectivity (for eight devices on board), nine USB ports, and smartphone controlled folding seats. The seven seater comes with storage space for four iPads between the driver and passenger seats, cubby holes for tablets and smartphone near the rear seats and a 10-in dashboard touch screen.


2017 Land Rover Discovery features a rounded design (as against the boxy design of the previous models), which according to the company makes the new model more efficient. Also, the new Discovery has full-size seats all the way to the back. This means, even the third row is pretty comfortable and spacious enough to accommodate grown up males.


There are 21 different seat configurations possible in the Discovery that is scheduled to go on sale next year starting at £43,495 (approx. $56,400). The seats are fitted with sensors and crash prevention software and feature InControl application (available for iOS and Android), which allows the seats to fold remotely using a connected smartphone.


The 2017 Discovery isn’t a self-drive vehicle, but is comes with an improved blind spot warning – which will not just flash lights, but will even steer the car into its own lane if the driver tries to leave the lane perilously. The car has automatic ZF eight-speed gearbox and features 340 horsepower, V6 petrol engine and it goes from 0 to 60mph in under 8 seconds.

Discovery comes with Activity Key, which is a waterproof wristband that replaces the actual key fob when you’re going for a swim or for a party where you may lose the key otherwise. With Activity key on the wrist, you can leave the actual key in the car, come back, tap the hood with the wristband and access the car.


2017 Discovery is a luxury car made for off road drives – the car features hill descend mode, has a ground clearance similar to the current model and can drive in water up to 900 mm deep.

Via: IBTimes



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