DIY solar-powered trike made from scrap, really comfortable to ride

solar powered trike made from scrap

People around the world are creating all sorts of eco-friendly ways to commute. A Canadian named Nathan Muller is the latest to join the force. Muller has built a solar-powered trike and it’s made entirely from scrap. Built over a few months, the trike’s highpoint is of course the 3 feet by 5 feet solar panel on its roof. But what really catches the eye is the cool car-like seat with backrest that you can lean back on, on a clean, green ride through the town.

Muller claims the 5 foot tall, 6 1/2 feet long solar-powered trike is mainly made of scrap parts, he has sourced locally. The solar panel however is new. The solar panel atop the trike costed Muller much lesser than it would take him to build one, so he went ahead with a readymade panel.

The solar panel produces 250 watts of power and the trike has three motors, two electric and one gas. The electric motors are sourced from wheelchairs and gas motor is basically on board for backup.

The trike can bear up to 300lbs (136kg) and ride up hill and without you having to paddle.

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