Vacuum-sealable bags increase or decrease in size with what’s stored inside

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom

Inspired by travel and mobility and troubled by the thought for how some Chinese carry and transport their belongings; design student Casper Notenboom developed a collection of Increase/Decrease bag that adapt size depending on what is stored inside them. Generally, we have different kinds of bags for various category of use. For instance, we have a laptop bag for office, a back pack for camping and a suitcase for business travels. With the idea to maximize movement of growth and shrinkage, Notenboom has arrived at bags that increase or decrease in size depending on its contents.

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom-2The bags are Notenboom’s graduation project, but problem solving contraption nonetheless. The collection is designed using vacuum and heat sealing and comprises four vacuum sealed backpacks and 12 folded mesh bags.

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom-3

The bags are going to be really benefiting for travelers who like to travel light. You can start with a small backpack and come back satiated from your travel with a bag full of items you’ve picked along. All in the same bag that constantly increases in size as you keep storing more things in it.

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom-4

I personal would love to own one of these bags; hope Notenboom has worked out some way to commercialize these. His website has no information regarding the same but the bags are on display at the Beijing Design Week 2016.

increase-decrease bags by Casper Notenboom-1



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