Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor records stats, tracks performance

Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor

Zepp already has sensor that helps golf, tennis and basketball players fine tune their game with on-field data that makes sense. Zepp has now taken another stride forward and has developed Play Soccer, a sensor that lets footballers track data regarding distance covered, number of times ball kicked and the time for which the player sprinted or walked in the game. An average footballer runs almost 7 miles (11km) in a single game, considering the fact this data can be valuable for a player’s fitness and training.

Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor with sleeve

The tiny wearable sensor can connect to a smartphone over Bluetooth and with a native app allow the player see his stats on his handheld device. The sensor is made to be worn in the calf area inside a specially designed sleeve (available with the device).

Zepp Play Soccer is all about providing useful data to an individual player to understand areas where he/she needs to improve. Additionally, Zepp Play Soccer app features Team Game mode, wherein a host of Play Soccer can connect to a similar activity – letting all connected see each other stats. This information is available in real-time, which can be helpful for coaches and parents who cannot reach the field but what to keep tab of the proceedings.

Zepp Play Soccer wearable sensor-1

Zepp Play Soccer can also record video footage and create highlights from the captured footage to provide an overview of the player’s performance.

The device has been tested for accuracy and comfort and available for $99.

Via: Engadget



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