Google Daydream View, $80 VR headset with wireless controller

Google Daydream View

It was back at the Google I/O conference in May when Google first gave us a glimpse of the Project Daydream. At the recently concluded Google Pixel event, search engine giant unveiled the Daydream View, a Virtual Reality headset that works with newly launched Pixel phones and other Daydream compatible phones. The $80 headset is similar to Samsung Gear VR and works with a phone. It is made from ultra-soft microfiber (used in apparels), which makes it really lightweight and comfortable to wear for long duration.

Daydream View works simply by inserting the phone into the headset. The headset automatically transforms the compatible phone in VR mode as soon as it is inserted into it.

Google Daydream View-1

What makes the Daydream View less like the other similar VR headsets is an accompanying remote control with clickable buttons and touchpad (something like the Wii controller). The headset also feature gyroscope which would allow users to play games or engage in some hardcore VR stuff using gestures.

Google Daydream View controller

Google is working on bringing a lot of content to Daydream View. The company has partnered with YouTube, HBO, Hulu and Netflix to bring more than just gaming to the compact device.




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