Honda shows off a tiny 3D printed, customizable electric vehicle

Honda 3D printed customizable electric vehicle

Of course 3D printed cars have become a rage in auto industry. The early ones we have seen have been from lesser known companies; therefore, when it comes from Honda, we have to stop and watch. Days after the Paris Auto Show, at the Ceatec 2016, Honda unveiled the Micro Commuter electric car – a 3D printed, customizable electric vehicle (EV). What makes the car extraordinary is the extreme automotive customization that is possible with the car.

Honda 3D printed customizable electric car

Developed in collaboration with Japanese 3D Printing Startup Kabuku in a period of just two months, this vehicle is specially designed as a delivery vehicle for confectionery giant Toshimaya in Japan. The car has been manufactured in just two months with Kabuku working on the 3D panels comprising the car’s body, while Honda taking care of the mechanics.

Honda 3D printed customizable electric car-1

The Micro Commuter electric car, with maximum range of almost 80kmph, is made with two objectives – as a tiny vehicle for narrow streets, and as a customizable vehicle to accommodate maximum things in small space.

Honda 3D printed customizable electric car-2

Interestingly, the 3D printed electric vehicle can be customized to consumer needs. For instance it can be made out into a hatchback for small deliveries and a small family car when you want to travel with peeps. Unquestionably, the idea is of a customizable, 3D printed car is promising, and Honda is expecting to start delivering these by spring next year.

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