Disney Researchers develop one-legged hoping robot with built-in batteries

Untethered-One-Legged-Hopping-robot-disney research

We have confronted robots of varying sizes and shapes, and single-legged hopping robots are just one of them. Currently, the one-legged hoping robots are limited in their ability since they remain tethered to a power outlet. For the first time, Disney Researchers have broken the barrier and developed a battery-powered, untethered single-legged hoping robot. According to researchers, single legged robots can only move by hopping; therefore, this first-of-its-kind robot that does not require an external power source makes for a wonderful invention.

Researcher claim this robot can be combined to create multi-legged robots on the same principle.  The exciting robot measures about a foot tall and weighs slightly lesser than five pounds.

Disney’s single-legged hopping robot has a thrust producing mechanism in the leg, which is basically an actuated prismatic joint called LEAP (linear elastic actuator in parallel). This mechanism comprises voice coil actuator and a pair of compression springs, which provide robot the much needed thrust for speed and stability.

The robot’s leg is connected to a torso, which features the battery, sensors and the electronics. The torso and leg are connected by an actuated gimbal hip joint that comprises a pair of standard servo motors.

Current computing prowess enables to robot to self-balance for about seven seconds or 19 hops. Researchers however believe, they will be able to increase the time.

DisneyResearch Via: EurekAlert



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