Stay entertained in your afterlife with Internet Ready Coffin by MyRepublic

Internet ready coffin by Myrepublic

Most civilizations around the world believe in life after death, that’s why after someone deceases there are certain traditions to keep them happy in the afterlife. These rituals have been followed for ages, and the practice involves keeping the deceased’s most liked things close to the coffin. Well, New Zealand based fiber internet provider MyRepublic has designed a coffin keeping this fact on top of their list. They have kept in mind modern cravings like internet connectivity, gaming and quality sound to make a coffin that’ll always keep one entertained six feet under the ground.

Internet Ready Coffin

MyRepublic Coffin comes with facilities to make a geek’s afterlife feel like heaven. It has a PlayStation 4, HDTV, high-speed router and surround sound audio system for a complete entertainment hub.

MyRepublic Managing Director, Vaughan Baker says;

In the great Kiwi tradition of not taking ourselves too seriously, the MyRepublic Coffin is a way of showing we’re so dedicated to delivering high speed fibre internet that we know no limits. In fact our internet connections are so fast people will want to take it where ever they go – even to the grave!

Halloween is also around the corner and MyRepublic is going to use this Hi-Fi coffin to promote their lighting fast internet connectivity services. On their website too they are vouching their fast internet connectivity which come with this Internet Ready Coffin which by the way is the world’s first of its kind.

The company is giving away this entertainment ready coffin to one lucky winner. To learn more jump straight over to MyRepublic.



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