Jetpack Aviation JB10’s maiden flight is a success – Dream of commercially available personal flight is not far!

Jetpack Aviation JB10 jetpack

Jetpack Aviation is making some serious headway in the future of solo flying jetpacks with its intense development. Couple of days ago they gave a demonstration of their newly developed jetpack, the ‘JB 10’ in Principality of Monaco, assuring us all of personal flight in the not so distant future. This has to be one of the most reliable and practical jetpack in the world as JetPack Aviation CEO and Chief Test Pilot David Mayman again showed-off his prized jetpack.

JB10 took its first ever test flight from Océanograpique Museum’s heliport in Monaco as David effortlessly flew around for more than two minutes, and landed back safely. Before this, David flew the earlier version ‘JB9’ around The Statue of Liberty last year. It has to be said that Jetpack Aviation have been doing some serious development with their jetpacks as JB10 looked more stable and maneuverable.

David flies effortlessly in his jetpack for over two minutes!

We indeed agree with CEO David as he described Jetpack Aviation JB10 as the most technically advanced personal flying machine created. The maiden flight happened at around 5PM local time as the crowd gathered to see this modern marvel of science. It was nothing different from a Bond movie scene.

Talking about JB10, it is lightweight enough to be carried by a single person and reaches a top speed of 60 mph (96 km/h). The flight time is around 10 minutes, making this jetpack one of the most advanced personal flight wearable on the planet. This improved version comes with a twin turbo jet engine which heats-up less and also consumes lesser fuel.

Clearly Jetpack Aviation is heading closer to the dream of manufacturing reliable jetpacks which are consumer ready. That in itself is the innovation of the century!



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