Oculus Touch controller lends added dimension of realism to virtual reality

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Battle for the best VR headset is getting stiff by the day with all major players trying to improve their design. Oculus has inched forward gradually with its winning Oculus Rift headset, and they have made some major improvements to the Touch controller seen last year. They have reached a point where the VR headset controller is going to land in the hands of consumers come December 6, 2016. Yes, Oculus Touch controller is up for pre-order and it is one major development in the arena of VR gaming.


On the outside Oculus Touch impresses with its sleek design and perfect placement of buttons for in-game input like holding objects or throwing grenades at the enemy. The accessory is designed for ergonomic control and easy storage when not in use.

VR Experience

Touch controller promises unparalleled sense of presence in the VR world since it provides haptic feedback. The in-game use of controller looks seamless and comfortable for the user as can be seen from this gameplay of Robo Recall. Visually, the VR environment looks engaging, and for users wearing the headset it is going to be a compelling reality.

Gaming Titles

What good is a controller if there aren’t any good VR environments to explore it? Oculus has got that covered as they are going to release more than 30 enticing VR gaming titles for use with Touch controller. 4 of these titles are exclusive to Oculus Touch, and have been created keeping in mind the controller’s hardware capabilities. Titles like Arktika.1, Superhot, Sanzaru, The Climb and Lone Echo.

Battery Life

Oculus Touch works with AA battery which lasts for 20-30 hours of usage. The makers opted against the use of in-built rechargeable battery because it would mean the gaming session had to be stopped until the controller battery juices-up. Rather, you just slip in another AA battery and get ready for action. From user’s point of view having a pair of rechargeable AA batteries would be the likely solution.


Oculus Touch is priced at $199 and can be bundled with Oculus VR (if you don’t have it already) for a price tag of $798. Those who have Rift purchased earlier, using the same e-mail to order the Touch controller will place them ahead of other people seeking to buy it.


Oculus Touch definitely enhances the user’s experience in virtual reality as it feels as natural as using you real hands. This is one step in the right direction when it comes to convincing interaction in VR environments. Oculus has got it right and now the ball is in the court of other VR headset makers.

Oculus Touch Controller

Source: Oculus



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