World’s first biodegradable mannequins are beautiful and conscious

Biodegradable mannequin

Italian Company Bonaveri, famous for creating artistic mannequins, in collaboration with British Academy of Film and Television Arts (BAFTA) and British Fashion Council have developed world’s first biodegradable mannequins. The new age sustainable mannequins were revealed at the London Fashion Week: Green Carpet Challenge (GCC). GCC is Eco-Age’s platform to create a meaningful sustainable future through films and fashion.

The Bonaveri’s biodegradable mannequins are made from B-Plast, which is a bio-based polymer comprising about 72 percent sugarcane derivative, and it is finished with B-Paint. B-Paint is made of renewable and organic substances including natural plant based oils and resins.

Before being put out on display, the biodegradable mannequins were put through full life cycle analysis at Polytechnic University of Milan (Politecnico di Milano). Detailed analysis were carried out on each phase of mannequin manufacturing to help Bonaveri reach mannequins that are made of completely biodegradable materials.

According to life cycle analysis, the B-Plast Mannequins are completely biodegradable. Made from sugarcane derivative, the mannequins when discarded only emit water and CO2 equivalent to sugarcane absorbed in vegetable phase.

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