BMW’s new motorcycle is smartest, most futuristic and safest ever


It was the occasion of BMW’s 100th birthday, and German Automotive Brand took the opportunity to unveil four concept vehicles with a vision for the next 100 years. At the event in California, BMW debuted the BMW Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ concept motorcycle along with three other Rolls Royce, Mini and BMW concepts revealed earlier. The Motorrad motorcycle is designed for ultimate riding experience; it is designed to be so artificially intelligent that a rider can ride it safely without any protective gear including a helmet.

Generally, bikes are made with the idea of 5-10 years in advance, the Motorrad however is made with a vision of 100 years. The forward thinking motorcycle connects with the rider and the outside world and provides the rider with situational alerts to ensure freedom of riding with utmost safety.

BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle

BMW motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ concept motorcycle features a self-balancing system, which keeps the bike upright while riding or in stationary position. Benefit is, the biker (even the novice ones) can ride the Motorrad sans helmet or body protective gear.

The motorbike has a black triangle shape inspired by 1923 R32 motorcycle, and a body that seamlessly connects the front with rear in a flowing form without any visible joints or bolts. This seamless construction is called Flexframe, and the written advantage is, it allow the biker to change direction and steer the bike more stably even when at high speeds.

BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle

Additionally, BMW has a Digital Companion and a Visor accompanying the Motorrad. The Digital Companion provides rider with advice to optimize riding experience. Visor (a pair of eye-controlled sunglasses) works just like a HMD, to provide real-time information of road condition as an alert on the glasses. Information is projected on the glasses only on request or as an alert for requisite action.

There is no information on when BMW could bring Motorrad ‘Vision Next 100’ concept motorcycle to production or what the price would be. Until we learn more, take a look some more images of the futuristic motorbike below.

BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle BMW-motorrad-VISION-NEXT-100 concept motorcycle

Source: BMW / Via: DesignBoom



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