Samsung makes Galaxy Note7 return kit with thermal protective box

What do you do when you’re clueless about what’s happening to a device you’ve created as your most innovative product? If you’re Samsung, you just call off the product without worrying about your reputation. Following reports of blowing up Galaxy Note7s and their supposedly safe replacements meeting the same fate – Samsung finally killed the Note7 recently. Now, the South Korean electronics giant is left to work out a way to safely get all the sold phones back from worried customers. Since, Samsung is clueless as to why the Note7’s are blowing up, the company has created Galaxy Note7 return kit.

This is a thermally insulated, fireproof box-in-a-box-in-a-box that customers will use to pack and send back their Note7s. Despite all the safety, the return kit is not meant to be shipped by planes. Samsung strictly says, the package should be ground transported.

Interestingly, the Galaxy Note7 return kit features three boxes, a static shield and a pair of gloves for safe handling. There is a large box with thermal protection, inside it is another box, inside which is another small box wherein the phone would be placed.

Customers are required to place their handset in the static shield, which will be placed in the smallest box. The box will then go into the inner box and finally the package will be wrapped inside the thermal protective box. The package will then be transported back to the company on the ground.

Via: TomsHardware/TechCrunch



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