Valve VR controller prototypes spotted at Steam Dev Days

Valve VR Controllers

The complexion of experiencing virtual reality is already changing with the announcement of Oculus Touch controllers. Now, Valve has followed suite revealing its VR controller prototypes at the Steam Dev Days conference in Seattle. The VR controllers strap onto your hand to provide tactical feedback and initiate input. Using natural muscle memory, these controllers mimic in-game movements of throwing –picking objects or holding guns and taking shots at the enemy.

Unlike the Touch controllers, these strap-on and minimize the chances of being dropped while getting engulfed in intense gaming. One more advantage the Valve controllers have is the ability to open and close hands for more convincing in-game action.

Right now the controllers are under development and the final design could be different from the current prototypes. Also, the functionality will be improved, as for now the Valve controllers can do limited tasks.

Valve VR Controllers_1

Cleary, Oculus has taken the lead by announcing the shipping dates of their Touch controllers, and other VR headset developers are playing catch-up. Steam will obviously try to make their controller to function in a much better way than the competition.

Valve VR Controllers_2

Images Courtesy: Shawn Whiting Via: RoadToVR



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