Hover Camera: Hovering pet like AI drone by Zero – Zero Robotics

Hover Camera Drone_1

Technology has been advancing every day in all the spheres of life, and we benefit from the new tech-developments which are coming in the market every day. One such amazing development is the Beijing’s Zero – Zero Robotics (self-flying) Hover Camera. The drone is invention of Wang Mengqiu, the SEO of Zero – Zero Robotics. It is more than a personalized drone which captures the pictures of users by hovering over and around them from different angles. The major catch in this artificial intelligent drone flying camera is that unlike the big and heavy drones available in the market, this passport sized 4K camera is very light weight, takes almost no space and takes beautiful 13 megapixel photos with 4K video recording capabilities. Another good feature of this camera drone is that it does not use stereo vision (which is used by nearly all the drones), rather it uses facial recognition and follows a specific user to take their pictures.

The Hover Camera unique yet simple in design and has features that anyone will find very easy to use. You just need to open the camera fan flaps like a butterfly, switch it on and release it gently in air to hover around you; and it starts its task. It is so amazing that you are going to fall in love with the way it follows you and is steady against gravity, thanks to its sensors. It looks like a robot out of a sci-fi movie, ready to move on your command.

Zero – Zero robotics has announced approx. USD $25 million investment in this project, and this certainly means that the company has much bigger plans with this drone. The makers would want it to become a popular phenomenon like the selfie stick. I can hardly wait to get my hands on this device, which to me appears like a digital pet. That’s why everyone is waiting for its commercial version which might be released in the coming year for an estimated price tag of $600.

Hover Camera Drone

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