Hard Rock Café Racer – Modified Harley Davidson exudes the spirit of rock and roll

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It has to be nirvana when music and fast rides come together. I say this because renowned US restaurant Hard Rock Café is going to add a custom Harley Davidson to the collection of their rock and roll relics. Just have a look at this machine in steampunk feel, exhibit the charm of musical instruments. Yes folks, this cruise bike designed by polish custom bike company Game Over Cycles (GOC) is something you can’t take your eyes off.

The crew decided to transform a Harley Davidson Sportster 883 into a ride which carries an air of style and history of rock and roll from every angle possible. You can very well imagine the amount of work GOC put into its design as everything apart from the Sportster 883 engine and the leather seat is custom-made. In a way the identity of Hard Rock Café can be profoundly seen in this motorcycle.

Stanisław Myszkowski, Founder GOC said;

In creating the Cafe Racer no detail was coincidental. The ideas for custom parts, their formation and their positioning all have a precise meaning within the concept of the bike. This requires creativity and unusual solutions, and the GOC team all played their part in making this unique bike a reality.

Here are some of the noticeable details about the Hard Rock Café Racer that will amaze you beyond belief.

• Gear shift is shaped like a turntable and going through the gears feels just like shifting the tracks on a record player.
• The bike wheels are completely black with track names on them which spin like a record of a turntable.

• Rear swing-arm looks like a guitar fret board while the battery box resembles a guitar amp.

• Coil cover is also shaped like a guitar with functional tremolo arm to drop pressure and intake fuel.

• Exhaust system looks like a saxophone with adjustable openings to toggle the sound of the bike.

• Air filter resembles a classic vocal microphone having sponge filler to prevent external contamination.

• Also the graphics and painting by AEROGRAF Piotr Parczewski give it a lot of depth and detail.

All-in-all The Hard Rock Café Racer is a machine which exudes musical influence which makes it unique. Clearly, GOC have created a masterpiece for the already epic collection over at the Hard Rock Cafe.

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Hard Rock Cafe Racer

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Via: BornToRide/UltimateMotorcyling



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