smrtFOB: A smart accessory to juice-up all your gadgets on the go


We all have gadgets, and they require battery power. The juice can max out at times when you need it the most, and it is not possible to have a charging outlet or power banks at all times. But what you can always keep with you is a key fob that bails you out. This is smrtFOB, a practical gadget which is designed for everyday use, and it solves most of your needs. Designed by a Monreal-based company, the accessory is up on Kickstarter for funding, and so far it looks on track for mass production.

smrtFOB comes with its own app which reminds you of carrying it on a summer hike or long trip where you’ll constantly need it. The smart device has a built-in 950 mAh battery along with the external extended battery module which adds another 1200 mAh. Now, that should be enough in a situation where you need to keep you mobile device alive for another 5-10 hours.


It also functions as a 32 GB USB stick for storing your data safely. As I said, it is designed like a key fob, so you won’t have to remember carrying it to wherever you go. That said, smrtFOB does look a bit bulky and the designers could have made it a little compact.

The gadget can be charged wirelessly by placing it on surface with state-of-the-art Rezence wireless charging technology


If you are interested in buying smrtFOB, now is the time to pledge a minimum of $59 on Kickstarter and book your accessory right away.

Via: MobileSyrup



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