Starry Sky Envelopes – Miniature planetarium for light polluted cities

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Are you always fascinated by the starry sky? Intrigued by what’s out there and how expansive the universe actually is? Then you’ve landed at the right place. This might sound strange, but for star gazers it is the perfect thing to get hold of. The Starry Sky Envelopes are developed keeping in mind urban areas where artificial lighting is so intense that seeing the stars is a bit of a rare event.

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These envelopes have a double-layered mechanism to filter light and show starscape that’s accurate enough. What that means is, the envelope has holes at the right places to depict accurate positioning of heavenly bodies. You can say that this envelope is your secret planetarium to get awed by the vastness of the universe.


The idea is conceptualized by Moe Tsukada, a Japanese art student, and Starry Sky Envelopes marketed by Kaminokousakujo are a manifestation of that very idea. You can buy them right away from Spoon Tamago for $12 USD.



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