MB&F Astrograph pen inspired by the dream of space travel

MB&F Astrograph pen_1

Yes, we are obsessed with horological machines, especially the ones by MB&F. Taking a detour from their usual routine of creating timepieces which are unique and inspired from unrelated things, this time around the Swiss manufacturer has come-up with something interesting.

Maximilian Büsser was always fantasized by space, and this masterpiece is a true reflection of that craving. In collaboration with pioneers of high-end writing instruments, Maison Caran d’Ache, MB&F have created Astrograph. A writing instrument inspired by space travel which has been Max’s childhood dream.

MB&F Astrograph pen shaped like a spacecraft has 100 separate handcrafted components. It has three flaps at the bottom that deploy or retracts with the flip of a button just like a spaceship. When you are done writing with this exclusive writing instrument, open the flaps and put it on the top of a launch pad like case having three legs.

This stunning writing instrument will come in fountain pen and roller ball pen options in three different finishes: ruthenium anthracite, high gloss rhodium or sandblasted matte rhodium. It comes as no surprise that MB&F Astrograph will come in just 99 limited edition pieces for a price tag of $19,900.


MB&F Astrograph Pen_4

MB&F Astrograph pen



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