Leaked video shows Xiaomi’s bendable touch-screen in action

Xiaomi bendable touchscreen

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Smartphone manufacturers are trying to pack every available and feasible technology into their new products. Away from technical specification, now bendable screen or bendable smartphones have attracted attention of smartphone/device brands like Samsung, LG, and Lenovo. Samsung had already hinted about two of its upcoming bendable screen phones. One of them can be folded into half, while the other one unfurls into a notepad. However, bendable screens still remain in prototype stage and consumers have seen such products mostly in leaked images.

This 30 second video posted on YouKo is a solid proof that bendable screens are not far from consumer market. The video shows a Xiaomi bendable screen being operated for the purpose of demonstration. The phone is operational even when the screen is bent, which proves the idea is more than feasible for future generation of smart-devices. The video shows that device is running Xiaomi’s latest MIUI 8 and industry experts speculate it to be a feature of Xiaomi’s upcoming Mi Note 2.

While, blogosphere is short of sufficient details, it seems to be a nice prospect. Curved screen will not only add to the portability of smart devices, but it also offers protection against cracks in case a user drops it accidentally. The video clip is said to be authentic, thus, raising expectations of smartphone consumers. Due to lack of details, it’s not sure whether Xiaomi Note 2 would feature a bendable screen or not, but it is sure that Xiaomi has successfully developed a tangible and real bendable phone IRL, which is operational.

As you are aware of the fact that Xiaomi isn’t the only one or the first one to be seen working on such concept. In January, Samsung, as per a report published in Bloomberg, had announced launch of two bendable OLED screens in 2017. Lenovo, too, isn’t far behind in this race. Still, consumers are excited to know who would do it first. Similarly, Apple was heard collaborating with Sharp for flexible OLED screens.



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