Superdad Ryan builds awesome ‘Ghostbuster Ecto-1’ for his paraplegic son

Superdad Ryan builds Ecto-1

Super dad Ryan Scott Miller is back with another marvelous Halloween costume for his 9-years-old paraplegic son Jeremy, who is suffering from ‘spina bifida’. It means he has not developed his spine properly in accordance to his age and he always needs his wheelchair to move around. Earlier, Ryan had built a cool ‘Star Wars Snowspeeder’ around Jeremy’s wheelchair. This time, it’s the Ecto-car featured in “Ghostbusters”. Jeremy is a big fan of Ghostbusters, so his dad thought it would be another special gift for him.

Ryan worked every weekend for about two months to build this costume and completed it after painstaking dedication . The Ecto-1 is fully loaded and has functional headlights, siren and tail lights. Jeremy can also play Ghostbusters siren and theme music while hunting ghosts. Two speakers are included to boom out music. The vehicle also includes a roof rack packed with yellow canisters and green canister, ladder, red probe, blue tubes, and a satellite dish.

The inspiration, other than big smile on his son’s face, came from a paraplegic character featured in the “Extreme Ghostbusters” animated series.

There were so many challenging parts to this costume, which is part of the fun, but by far getting the curve of the body was the hardest part. We had a couple of failed attempts until we got it right,

Said Miller.

The father-son duo had also taken vehicle to the Rady Children’s Hospital Halloween part in Dan Diego, California and brought smile on many faces. They were invited by the Children’s Miracle Network too.

Let’s see what Ryan would come out next Halloween for his son. Well done Ryan, you surely are a super dad.

Via: Radio Times



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