Kodak’s photography-special Ektra smartphone with 21 MP rear camera


Kodak Smartphone

Photo: Kodak

Kodak has decided to experiment with mobile phone production as point-and-shoot cameras are facing overwhelming competition from multi-tasking smarthpones or portable devices. The company announced the Kodak Ektra based on one of its old models it had launched in 1941. The phone will be manufactured by electronic manufacture Bullitt, and is priced at £450.

Kodak is playing its card by making it photography special to attract photographers. With a 21 MP (f/2.0) rear and 13 MP (f/2.2) front-facing cameras, the phone offers 4K video, HD with many more modes that a standard Digital Single Lens Reflex.


The Ektra is powered by a Helio X-20 Decacore Processor and will feature a 5-inch 1080 display, 3GB RAM, 32 GB internal storage. Storage can be expanded by inserting a microSD card into the given slot.

The phone is likely to be available for sale towards the end of this year or in the beginning of the next year. Initially, Ektra will be made available in UK only.

Kodak smartphone 1

It’s a tough battle for Kodak as high-resolution camera phones with different modes to facilitate photography are already pouring into the ever-growing pool of digital electronics.

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