Watch what happens when a LEGO skateboard is put to test

Lego Skateboard
What would happen if you try drop-in and kick-flips on LEGO skateboard? To answer this, Braille Skateboarding has now posted a video showing some skateboarders beat a LEGO skateboard to death. Peter Brown from Shop Time made a skateboard out of LEGO bricks and epoxy only to put its endurance to a tough test. To the surprise of all, the skateboard lasted longer than they had expected.

Towards the end of the video, you realize that Peter had created it just to watch it gradually cracking and eventually break into pieces.  If you are a skater, then you can also send your skating video to Braille Skateboarding like others. The video will be posted under ‘You Skate It, We Shake It’ episodes.



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