Exhauss shows newer, sophisticated Cine Exoskeleton at IBC 2016

Cine Exoskeleton f

After L’Aigle Exoskeleton that was seen in 2014 at IBC, now Exhauss brand has come up with even more sophisticated and comfortable Cine version with payload capacity of 35 kg. Not just comfortable, but it is quite expensive too. The Cine is likely to be sold for about $9,000. The exoskeleton is given a thick padding around the waist straps in order to enhance the comfort. Now, the new exoskeleton is equipped with three sets of removable springs so that the resistance can be tailored in accordance with user’s requirements.

The demonstration video shows the Cine version with an ARRI Aamira with a Maxima gimbal, which sufficient evidence to prove the deal is worth its cost.

The user can lift camera right up above the shoulders to a height that is in line with subject’s head.

Cine Exoskeleton at IBC 2

In order to make it easier to move the bulky setup in and out through narrow doorways, L’Aigle has designed the new version in such way that the arms can move forward and inwards to allow movement of whole setup through thinner gaps.

The exoskeleton claims it can offer freedom of mobility despite carrying heavy equipment. The user can even hand off the gimbal to another operator. Other features include one-size-fits all adjustable metal belt, cushions made with composite foams, inflatable lumbar cushion for precise fit, and quick set up for single operator.

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