Researchers demonstrate ‘projection on moving, deforming objects’ using high-speed projection

Dynamic projection mapping technology
The visual projection, as we knew until now, was limited to static surfaces. The idea of preserving perception of projection through human eye when surface is deforming rapidly was a huge challenge. But now, Tokyo’s Ishikawa Wantanabe Laboratory has finally achieved perfection in it by developing a technique they call “Dynamic projection mapping onto deforming non-rigid surface(s) using a high-speed projection.”.

The invention is a part of a research with same title and is intended to overcome limitations of static projection and realize dynamic projection mapping.

The researchers merged two technologies namely “DynaFlash” that can project 6-bit images up to 1,000fps with 3 millisecond delay and the “Deformable Dot Cluster Marker” that can obtain the deformation robustly at 1,000 fps by using an originally proposed marker.

In this demonstration, by drawing the marker on the target with IR ink, we allow the marker to be invisible to human and enable robust sensing independently of the projected images. In our technology, both the projection and sensing are operated at a speed of 1,000 fps. Therefore, it is possible to keep the projection consistent with the deformation and extend the real world as if the projected image is printed or existed as an original (digital) texture on the target

Said the researchers.

To get a better idea of what has been achieved, you can grab more details varsity’s official website.

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