Crowd favorite Airblock modular drone also doubles as a hovercraft

Airblock drone hovercraft

Lately, self-assembled drones which teach you a good bit of electronics have made the headlines. After-all, it is all about making the kids learn basics of electronics in a fun way. Flybrix did it successfully, and now Shenzhen, China-based Makeblock is offering Airblock on crowdfunding platform Kickstarter. It is a modular drone which comes with individual components which stick together with the good old magnetic power. The drone apparently, also doubles as a hovercraft that glides on smooth ground.

The project is completely modular, where you build it – code it and then fly it to perform various maneuvers in the air. It is basically a hexacopter drone with separate rotor, command control and other modules. Fact that Airblock made from Styrofoam material gives it structural strength if you happen to crash it while attempting to experiment with various configurations. You can also fly it indoors without any problem.

In flying mode Airblock has flight time of six minutes, achieving a top speed of 2.5 meters per second. When you configure it for hovercraft mode the operation time goes up to eight minutes and the top speed drops to 1.5 meters per second.

Airblock drone

It comes as no surprise that Makeblock Airblock has already amassed more than twice the funding amount in just one day. Speaks well of its popularity, already. You can also book you Airblock drone – hovercraft for $89, and the kit will be shipped to your doorstep in February 2017.

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