Ronnie O’Sullivan gets sucked into VR pool, bites the dirt

Ronnie O Sullivan VR pool

Ronnie O’Sullivan (a.k.a The Rocket) is a legend when it comes to playing the gentleman’s game. But he is having a hard time in virtual reality environment. Yes, the snooker champion recently tested a virtual reality pool game, but forgot that there was no table to lean on. Wearing a HTC Vive headset accompanied by the VR controllers, Ronnie had a hilarious moment on his American Hustle show which searches players from across the United States.

You can very well imagine the realism of this pool game, as Ronnie is sucked into VR environment, and for a brief moment forgets that this is not real. Expecting to lean on the pool table and play one of his signature shots, the 40-year old succumbs to gravity and falls to the ground.

This shows how VR is advancing into a phase where people are actually forgetting the thin line between VR and reality. Atleast Ronnie found it the hard way!

Via: DailyMail



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