Wheelchair turned into cool Star Wars costume for Oregon boy battling brain cancer

Wheelchair Turned into Star Wars Costume

While the Superdad Scott Miller, who has built one of the coolest Halloween costumes to cheer up his 9-years-old paraplegic son Jeremy, Volunteers at Magic Wheelchair has brought smile on the face of 8-years-old Oregon boy battling brain and spinal cancer by gifting a cool costume this Halloween.

These two stories are different but share a common element – overwhelming affection, as motivation to bring smile to the faces of these two kids who are dependent on wheelchair to move around.

Volunteers at the Magic Wheelchair, a non-profit organization, spent about 200 hours to transform Daniel Shaughnessy’s chair into a TIE Advancex1 – a spacecraft used by iconic character from Star Wars series.

Daniel was presented with one of the coolest Halloween costumes with quite a bit of drama as several kids appeared in Star Wars costumes and kids holding light sabers. Daniel’s expression of amazement followed by a joyful smile was worth all the efforts.

Daniel lost his ability to move after cancer inflicted his brain and spine. He loves Star Wars and wanted to be Darth Vader this Halloween. So, these guys decided to build a costume that could fit around his wheelchair. The mission was successfully accomplished.

Daniel’s mother Jessica Thomas couldn’t hold her tears back watching her son smiling.

There were definite tears! Definite tears… And being able to see the look on his face when they took the cover off, and he got to see it, was amazing. The things that they do and just out of the goodness of their hearts that they do these things is so amazing

She said.

This isn’t the first time the Magic Wheelchair has cheered up an innocent soul. The nonprofit organization is known for making epic costumes for children in wheelchairs without burdening families with any sort of expenses.

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