Otto’s self-driving truck transports Budweiser beers on a busy Colorado highway

Otto self driving truck

Self-driving vehicles have been on the horizon for quite some time, and the technology keeps getting better with time. Putting those autonomous vehicles on the road takes immense courage, and that’s what Uber owned Otto has demonstrated. News was looming around that San Francisco-based startup was developing an aftermarket kit for commercial trucks to make then self-drivable. Now, they have teamed-up with Budweiser to accomplish something remarkable.

The duo completed the world’s first self-driving shipment from Fort Collins to downtown Denver. They hauled 51,744 cans of Budweiser beer with the driver Walt Martin sitting comfortably on the sleeper berth in the back. All thanks to the fancy $30,000 worth hardware and accompanying software, the trailer commutes successfully on the Interstate 25 highway. And that too for 120 miles with any problem.

The cameras, radar and lidar sensors mounted on the truck flawlessly drive the vehicle on a busy highway. It was all about hauling loads of beer from exit-to-exit without any human intervention. Of course getting the permission to do so was a big issue, but State of Colorado authorities complied with the team.

Source: Otto.Blog



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