Artificial knee exoskeleton developed by Beihang University researchers

Beihang robot

Most of the exoskeletons we featured have been developed keeping in mind certain disability or assistance in walking for the elderly. Yet another example of an exoskeleton deemed to help paralyzed patients in walking again is being developed by researchers at Beihang University in China. The biologically inspired lower limb exoskeleton is created keeping in mind the human knee joint. Hence, this advanced artificial limb has scope for natural knee moment which has rotating and sliding mechanism.

Researchers have kept in mind that damage to peripheral nervous system leads to gait impairment, resulting in lost mobility. And it can be restored to considerable levels with robot assisted training. Specifically this robot which mimics the moment of human knee for support which feels as natural as possible, thereby reducing pressure on the joints.

The next step in development of this robotic assistance artificial lower limb is to connect it with the brain using EEG. That way the exoskeleton will be controlled directly from the brain, which is an intuitive method.
This exoskeleton is still a bit away from commercialization, since a lot of tests are still to be performed.

Perhaps the future is a brain controlled robotic suit which will have VR environment to train for rehabilitation.

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