San Jose Airport recruits 3 robotic assistants in customer service team

Robotic Airport Customer Service

Robots, slowly but consistently are taking-over the place of humans as attendants or helpers like in airport and restaurants. On the same lines Mineta San Jose International Airport has also recruited some robotic employees. Now, along with other staff members in customer service, three automated assistants will coax passengers at the Airport. Norma, Amelia and Piper can communicate in six languages and assist passengers looking for directions, shops, restaurants etc.

The company has spent $120,000 to procure these three bots designed and manufactured by a South Korean firm, Future Robot.

There is no role of AI here. Those things belongs to a different category like the social android from Toshiba. There is a list of attempts where roboticists are trying to mimic life-like features in robots with AI. But here, each robot appears to be a girl holding a 32-inch screen powered by Windows and wandering around. Another screen represents the part above its neck. The face will display animated faces to express facial emotions like in animated characters.

The absence of any feature like Apple’s Siri or Amazon’s Alexa means the visitors will be able to make only limited inquiries excluding the flight details. The Airport has also created an advert in which one of these bot beauties is seen applying for job.

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There is nothing new in deploying robotic assistants at Airport customer service portals.. At Switzerland, bots are being tested to help check passenger’s luggage. The passengers aren’t required to stand in queue waiting for their turn. Something similar can be seen at the Edmonton International Airport in Alberta and main international airport in Amsterdam.

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