Transformers costume made from Amazon Prime boxes


People keep surprising us with their unique ideas and artwork which have never been seen before. This one is right up there with the unique dirt cheap creations. Caron Arnold, a creative director of Fusions Marketing agency in St. Louis has come up with her own version of a Transformer costume made from cardboard boxes.

She is a big fan of Amazon Prime, and keeps ordering stuff from the portal. Her things arrive in cardboard boxes and she had a cool idea in mind to make good use of them. With help from her colleagues in collecting the remaining amazon boxes for the make, Arnold got the matching costume to go with this unique creation.

Arnold has no affiliation with Amazon for making this costume, and it was solely her idea. It took her more than 10 hours to complete this costume at home, and her kids were excited enough to lend her a hand when needed.
Her inspiration for this cardboard Transformer costume came from the Optimus Prime Costume by Instructables user [dannyeurena]

It wasn’t surprising that she won the Halloween costume contest at her office for this creation.

Via: HuffingtonPost



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