Ukrainian changes his name to iPhone 7, but why?

man changes name to iPhone 7

What length can one go to get hold of their favorite gadget for free? Apparently, changing the existing name to that very gadget is one way. Yes, that is right as a Ukrainian man changed his name to iPhone 7, to earn one for himself, courtesy a Ukraine store’s promotion offer. The 20-year old man now known as “iPhone 7 Sim” (Sim is seven in Ukraine), and he proudly owns the all new iPhone 7. All it took was around $2 to legally change the name from Olexander Turin to the new one.

The local electronic store initiated an offer to offer free iPhone 7’s to the first five people who change their name. Olexander saw the opportunity and became the first one to do so. So, he got the US $850 iPhone 7 for free.

Olexander (or should I say iPhone Sim) says that he’ll keep the name for quite some time, and only wants to change it back when he has kids. That is a good way to express your love for Apple iPhone. Even if he doesn’t change the name, an Apple iPhone fall down (Like Blackberry) will definitely make the decision for him.

His sister, Tetyana Panina, said:

It was difficult to accept that and hard to believe it’s true. Each person in this world is looking for a way to express himself. Why not to do that in this way?

Olexander has to consider himself lucky as ‘7’ is pronounced as ‘Sim’ and his name won’t get redundant even if the next iPhone’s will arrive in the coming years. So, people outside Ukraine would think it has something to do with a SIM card.

It’s a strange world, isn’t it?

Via: TheSun



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