VTouch gesture-based interactive displays for cars to arrive in 2017    

VTouch gesture based display

Introduction of user-friendly digital displays and interfaces in automotive industry begun a decade ago. Currently, exotic-looking heads-up displays are available in high-end vehicles like BMW or Tesla. However, Seoul-based startup VTouch now claims to make gesture-based interactive displays commercially available for low-end automakers by the end of 2017.

VTouch has worked in this field for past some years and has been manufacturing and supplying its gesture-based technology.  The tech involves tracking of eyes or fingers via a 3D camera to receive commands. These displays can understand swiping movements or finger pointing at specific parts of it.

VTouch gesture based display 4

VTouch claims this technology will make it easier to swipe through options to play music, make calls, set navigation, cruise controls etc. The company has collaborated with car manufacturers like Kia and Hyundai for its research and experimentation.

When you control the system (via) buttons on a console or the wheel…there are more distractions because you have to look at (the buttons),

said VTouch’s co-CEO Nathan Kim, in a way of highlighting benefits of a display overlaid onto the windshield.

Kim believes that swiping gestures would allow the driver to flick a finger without distracting them from the road.

However, according to Mashable’s  hands-on review, the performance didn’t match company’s claims. Against the claim of nearly 99 percent clicking accuracy, the display was found unresponsive despite changing position. The claimed experience of cursor-free interface proved to be tiring. Additionally, the system struggles in low-light conditions and is confused by different gesture-habits of different individuals.

VTouch gesture based display 3

Although, the company claims it to be a real hands-free and distraction free option, it would still require looking at the display and taking hands-off the wheel. It would be wrong to say that this method is distraction free. Moreover, it requires a lot of research and analysis of various gestures that different individuals showcase while pointing out or making a selection.



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