Portable Bixi lets you command multiple smart devices through gestures

Bixi Touch Free Control

We have been watching fabulous and highly advanced lab of Tony Stark in which he controls every device or interface with swift in-air-hand gestures. Electronic manufactures are on it to make gesture-control a reality. Bixi is the new candidate offering touch-free and wireless control of Internet of Things devices and gadgets by processing user’s intuitive hand-gestures. The developers have synthesized the technology into a small, portable hexagonal device. It can control multiple devices like controlling smart-phones, displays, e-book readers, smart-home functions and Apps including Spotify, Ibooks, Youtube etc.  using FITTT Channel.

Yesterday, we were discussing prospects of gesture-controlled technology in context to interactive car display developed by VTouch. The prospects were not so high considering that technology is in its infancy. But both electronic manufacturers and home designers are preparing products to compliment every element of Internet of Things devices and systems.

Bixi gesture control device

Before that, Microsoft’s Kinect had lured consumers with gesture control technology. In fact, a few months ago, San Diego, California-based Reflexion Health had received green light from U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for its Microsoft Kinect for Windows-based motion tracking application for physical therapy. Prior to that, HP had introduced leap motion in its Envy 17 laptop. However, those were attempts to harness elementary gestures.

But the Bixi, on other hand, is compatible with many applications and devices from some selected brands list of which is given on Kickstarter.
Bixy in car

While videos show smooth functionality, in reality, deciding and remembering several gestures for separate devices and separate applications sounds complex. For instance, the video shows same gesture for both controlling volume and lighting. Swiping, upward and downward movements and pointing fingers to make selections would limit the ability to define different gestures for different purposes.

The efficiency of device to recognize and process gestures into meaningful command is still to be tested. However, currently, the Bixi type sounds good when your hands are deep in dough.

If you think it’s worth a try, pre-order Bixi for $79. The company hopes to start shipping anytime in 2017.



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