Coolest Halloween costume- A full-body, functional DSLR Camera    

Nikkon Camera CostumeThis Halloween,  photographer Bryan Troll undertook a tedious task of making a distinct impression at the party. Indeed, he succeeded in doing so by his Nikkon Camera costume. We aren’t talking about just cardboard outfit, but a fully-functional DSLR camera equipped with flash and LCD screens that instantly displays clicked images.

Bryan read about this costume idea on an online forum and decided to build one of these on this Halloween. He spent some restless nights and came up with a functional outfit after 40 hours of painstaking efforts. The outfit might sound like tape and cardboard, but it’s highly appreciable that Bryan managed to fit all those controls with extra batteries and uninterrupted connectivity with LCD display.

Nikkon Camera Costume 2

He spent about $100 on cardboard, duct-tape, cement etc. on preparing the costume. But for internal mechanism, he had to stuff photography tools worth thousands of dollars to really make it work.

The other challenge was getting the connectivity to work reliably between the camera and the screen on the back so it would automatically display the photos after they are taken without losing connection, going to sleep, etc. and of course have a workable battery life for each component,

Bryan told to DIY Photography.

Nikkon Camera Costume 5

Well, it worked well and Bryan even captured several moments through his costume camera. Bryan was literally an eye-candy on this Halloween.

Nikkon Camera Costume 6

Take a look at some of the photos Bryan clicked through his DSLR costume

Nikkon Camera Costume 7

Nikkon Camera Costume 10

Nikkon Camera Costume 6




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